Water & Plant Care
Water & Plant Care
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  • Rich in organic acid and nutrients
  • Promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots.
  • Natural earth color
  • New liquid fertilizers
  • Daily addition promotes healthy growth of aquatic plants
  • Easy to provide the necessary nutrients at the right time
  • PLUS magnesium
  • PLUS boron
  • PLUS minerals
  • PLUS antiseptic ingredients
  • Helps encourage the growth of plants
  • Combines porous materials with organic nutrients and delayed-release inorganic nutrients
  • Providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promoting growth of substrate bacteria
  • It can make an ideal substrate environment
  • It suppresses the growth of it
  • Helps the growth of microorganisms
  • Nutrient rich
  • Peat & clay based substrate
  • Base for aquascape & planted aquariums.