Marble Hatchet
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Scientific Name : Carnegiella strigata

Common Names : Marbled Hatchet Fish

Size : Up to 2 inches (5 cm)

pH : 5.5 - 7, prefer water slightly on the acidic side

Temperature : 75°F - 80°F (24°C - 27°C)

Water Hardness : 4° to 12° dH

Lifespan : 2 - 5 years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Amazon River

Temperament / Behavior : This is a very peaceful tropical fish and best kept in schools of 6 or more.

Aquarium Size : 10 gallon or larger.

Tank Mates : Many, given their peaceful nature. Avoid keeping with tropical fish large enough to eat them or fish that may bother them, such as Tiger Barbs.

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