Lily Pipe Glass For Hose/Pipe Diameter 12/13mm
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  • Lily Pipe Glass for 12/13mm Pipe/ Hose

  • Handmade product, shapes are slightly different.

  • Suction included

Lily Pipe Speacker Type

With the image of a lily flower, it looks elegant, yet it is also very functional. Lily Pipe creates an ideal water flow for the growth of aquatic plants. Handmade product, shapes are slightly different.

Lily Pipe Inlet / Inflow

This simple straight design glass pipe has suction slits. For use with a frame-less aquarium tank. Due to its slit form, it has advantage of not to suck in the withered leaves easily. But please make sure to remove the leaves stuck on the suction slits.

Lily Pipe Spin Type

Lily Pipe Spin has a loop-shape outflow section. The water from external filter slows down while circling inside the loop portion and a gentle water flow appropriate for small aquariums is created. Lily Pipe Spin is also ideal for planted aquarium as it can be installed just by hanging it on the aquarium, without any suction cup, and generates gentle water flow inside the aquarium.

Lily Pipe Mini V (inlet)

They are designed specifically for small-size aquarium tanks (glass thickness: 5mm or less). Very compact and no need for using suction cups. It makes suitable water current for growing water plants without disturbing the aquascape.

Lily Pipe Skimmer

Lily Pipe Skimmer an effective surface oil skimmer, uses a floating switch to avoid cavitation in the pump.
The floating switch repeatedly turns on and off according to the amount of water coming into the main unit of skimmer.



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1 x Lily Pipe 13mm