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  • Super Roller Circuit for cats takes fun and action to breathtakingly new heights
  • Large 8-piece circuit consists of alternating high and low sections
  • Motion-activated illuminated ball lights up and zips around inside the track like a crazy roller coaster, enticing cats to chase and swipe at it
  • High-low circuit design propels ball at high speeds
  • Catit Design
  • SmartSift Sifting
  • for Cat Pan (50685)
  • Specially designed for Catit SmartSift cat pan base
  • For easy and convenient waste management
  • Prevents waste clumps from sticking to the cat pan base
  • Unscented
  • 12 liners per pack
  • Specially designed for Catit SmartSift cat pan waste bins
  • For easy and convenient waste management
  • Prevents waste clumps from sticking to the waste bin
  • Durable liner can hold 2-week waste load
  • Unscented
  • 12 liners per pack
  • Catit Design SmartSift Replacement Pan

  • is suitable for:

  • Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan (50685)
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and clumping litters
  • Includes one biodegradable liner for the cat pan and one for the pull-out waste bin
  • Maintenance access door allows you to easily replenish litter
  • Pull-out waste bin collects waste clumps for easy disposal
  • Clear-view access window allows easy monitoring of litter
  • A large swinging door allows cats to enter and exit easily
  • Integrated carbon filter absorbs odors
  • Sealed design minimizes tracking, provides privacy
  • No motorized pieces-no expensive parts to replace
  • replacement
  • smartsift sifting cat pan cover
  • transparent
  • The dish has a shallow, whisker stress-free design
  • can be used with wet or dry food.
  • The Flower fountain has a 3-litre
  • Set of 12 filters compatible with the Catit Flower Fountain
  • Removes odours caused by bacteria and chlorine
  • Ion exchange resin softens tap water to help prevent urinary tract disease
  • Mesh filters out hair, sediment and debris
  • Set of 5 filters compatible with the Catit Flower Fountain
  • Helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections - for your cat’s health!
  • Replacement filters for the Catit Flower Fountain
  • Activated carbon removes bacteria and Chlorine odors
  • Ion exchange Resin softens hard tap water
  • Mesh filters out Large particles and debris
  • with Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain for Cat
  • provides sparkling crystal clear water for your pet.
  • Suitable for use with all Catit Fresh & Clear drinking fountains.
  • 2L (64 fl oz) water capacity: eliminates the need for daily refilling 
  • Stainless steel rated # 1 by veterinarians as most hygienic for pet dishes
  • Helps prevent kidney and urinary diseases
  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh and filtered water
  • Modern Design
  • High grade stainless steel drinking bowl is hygienic and dishwasher safe
  • Large water-to-air surface- maximizes oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water
  • Re-circulating system- Cools and aerates water, inhibits bacteria growth
  • Suitable for puppies and small dogs 
  • 1 Premium replaceable carbon filter included (replacement filters sold separately)
  •  Premium Clumping Cat Litter 
  •  Made of 100% sodium bentonite; no fillers 
  •  Improved clumping action: 100% sodium bentonite content produces more solid and durable clumps 
  •  Advanced odour control: Controls bacteria and odours 
  •  Low Track Formula: Coarser granules drastically reduce tracking 
  •  Low dust 
  •  Scoopable: Now even easier to scoop due to powerful clumping properties 
  •  Superior absorbency due to better clumping and solidifying of waste  
  •  Fresh pine scent 
  • Catit Fresh’N Easy Premium Clumping Cat Litter, Bag (18 kg / 40 lbs). Low Dust, Less Mess, Low Track Formula. Made from 100% sodium bentonite. Fresh pine scent.

  • Catit Gourmet Overweight Single Cat Dish
  • marine blue
  • Round, bowl shape.
  • Blue accent colour with white top and gray base.
  • With removable clear door and replaceable carbon filter.
  • Dimensions (pan) : 57 cm L x 46.5 cm H x 39 cm W (22.4 in x 18.3 in x 15.3 in).
  • Dimensions (door opening) : 26.5 cm H x 24.5 cm W (10.4 in x 9.6 in)