Hygrophila sp. 'Green Olive'
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  • New Hygrophila species from India
  • Reddish brown to dark olive green
  • Fast growth
  • Recommended for the background
  • Not demanding

This Hygrophila is new to the aquarium hobby and still a great rarity. It was brought by Dennerle from the Goa / Maharashtra region in eastern India to Germany. It was found in boggy, flooded, more or less sunny areas. This Hygro is not yet determined to the species but possibly it belongs to the Hygrophila ringens complex.

In its emersed form, 'Green Olive' has quite broad-elliptic leaves, the submerged leaves are somewhat narrower. Under good lighting the shoots turn a reddish-brown to dark olive green colour. This plant is not demanding, it can be kept in soft to hard water with pH values from 5 to 8 and temperatures of about 22-28 °C, however a good CO2 supply (20-30 mg/l) promotes its growth. Hygrophila sp. 'Green Olive' grows fast, reaching a height of at least 50 cm. Early trimming promotes the formation of side shoots, and the head cuttings can easily be re-integrated into the plant group - as well as with all stem plants.

Hygrophila sp.'Green Olive' should always be planted in a larger group in the background to create a beautiful harmonious effect. It thrives also well as emersed plant in paludariums where it will develop purplish flowers sitting in the leaf axils.


Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails or other invertebrates.


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