Glossostigma elatinoides Carpet Plant - Fore Ground Plant
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  • The most popular ground covering plant there is
  • Forms intense green carpets
  • Fast grower

Glossostigma elatinoides is a very popular plant for Japanese-style tanks. It is one of the smallest aquarium plants, which makes it ideal for the foreground. A difficult-to-care-for plant that needs a lot of light. If the lighting is too weak, it tends to grow upwards. Must not be shaded off by larger plants. When planting, make small tufts (approx. 1/8 of the pot) and plant at a distance of only a few centimetres. Thus you will get a ground-covering group in less time. The injection of CO2 and soft water enhance growth considerably.


Family: Phrymaceae

Genus: Glossostigma

Difficulty: medium

Usage: Nano tanks, Foreground, group, Foreground, ground cover

Aquascaping: forms a small-leaved carpet

Growth: fast

pH value: 4 - 7

Temperature tolerance: 4 - 30°C

Propagation: Runners, Cuttings, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants

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