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Natural food containing planktonic crustaceans


Natural food containing planktonic crustaceans


Natural feed sourced from living corals


Vitamins for fish vitality and health


Vitamins for fish vitality and health


Vitamin Omega-3 acid garlic extract

  • Complete nutrition for the Koi
  • Promote good health and fast color enhancing
  • Enrich with carotene
  • Complete vitamins and minerals which promote its immune system
  • High grade ingredients which does not cloud the water


  • Enrich with spirulina
  • Build excellent body shape
  • Keep koi healthy
  • Enhance natural bright color
  • Natural food with no artificial coloring
  • For all tropical fish, goldfish and koi
  • Does not cloud water
  • Recommended for all tropical fish
  • Compact, efficient and durable
  • Suitable for food pellet and flake
  • Accurate electronic control & clear LCD screen
  • Can be operated both automatically and manually
  • Maximum feeding adjustment is 5 times per day
  • Maximum 3 turns of food drum for one feeding session to meet various needs
  • Operated by 2 x AA1.5V alkaline battery
  • New formulations specifically for freshwater shrimp.
  • Highly palatable foods that provide a rich source of nutrients and proteins.
  • These formulations contain a natural source of iodine which is known to aid shrimp during the molting process.
  • Advanced Yeast Extract inclusion, to provide the well known and proven benefits of pre-biotics, improved disease resistance and improved digestion for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • No artificial colorants.
  • A healthy dose of multi-vitamin supplement to ensure growth while supporting disease resistance.
  • decrease pigment loss
  • easy-to-molt formula
  • easy-to-eat pellet
  • JBL
  • Food Tablets Stick to the aquarium
  • 60g
  • This product is special food for baby fish 100%.
  • Its brine shrimp egg .
  • This food contain the rich amino acids.
  • Suitable for guppy,gold fish,marine fish and invertebrate.

- This product contains the ß-Glucan and Torula yeast which maintain the immune system of Goldfish and grow healthy. - Contains Astaxanthin which is a type of natural color enhancing ingredients

- The good bacteria TOYOSERIN contained in this product is good digestion and after evacuation with faces, resolve the sewage piled on the filter, the water quality will be stabilized.

- This product contains the paprika extract and phaffia yeast which includes the high concentrated natural astaxanthin and zeaxanthin and will make the beautiful red color. - This product is a high protein and fat weight gain food for Goldfish.

- This food is a floating type and small Goldfish can also eat easily.