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  • Continuously monitors and displays aquarium water temperature in real time
  • Intelligent digital microprocessor monitoring system with dual temperature sensors
  • Ensures the safety and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants
  • Precision temperature control allows settings in 0.5-degree increments
  • Integrated fish guard provides advanced protection
  • Slim profile mounting bracket
  • For fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Multi-functional breeder box
  • Ideal as a hatchery and incubator to help protect new born fry from being eaten (improves survival rate)
  • Provides a safe haven for injured or weak fish
  • Helps acclimate new fish as water circulates throughout box from aquarium
  • Utilizes same conditioned water as aquarium – no additional heater or filter required
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Quality heater made in Europe using superior components and construction
  • Sleek and compact
  • Submersible heater provides exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability
  • Also includes an exclusive mirror technology that reflects the colours of the aquarium, enhances overall aesthetics
  • For fresh and saltwater tanks
  • Strong shatterproof polymer construction protect tank and inhabitants from damage
  • Preset temperate requires no adjustment
  • Waterproof, fully submersible design allows easy positioning inside aquarium
  • LED running lamp illuminates to indicate when product is in use
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Compact design with large, easy-to-read markings 
  • Safe salinity range identified in green for added convenience (Note: some corals require specific salinity levels) 
  • Can be permanently installed inside the tank for continuous readings or used as a portable measuring device when necessary
  • To ensure consistent salinity levels are maintained, test weekly
  • For best performance, periodically soak hydrometer in 1:1 vinegar-water solution for 20-30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse in tap water after cleaning.
  • Made of high quality plastic material, solid and durable to use.
  • Perfect for cleaning undesired surface oil films of fish tank, provide a fresh and healthy environment for fish to breathe.
  • Easy to use, the water flow is adjustable according to the motor size, fast and effective.
  • Light weight and mini size will not take up limited space of fish tank, convenient and practical. Helps improve oxygen exchange and keep your aquarium water clean and clear.