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* Do NOT use for CO2 System.


Cation Filter (for softening tap water)

Cation Filter is a cation exchange resin filter for softening tap water by lowering its total hardness (TH). It is not a filter for producing pure water. It can turn 1,000L of tap water with TH100-200mg/L into soft water with below TH50mg/L. Salt water regeneration is also possible.


This is an adapter to connect CO2 System 74-YA Ver.2 and SA regulator to the refillable CO2 tank.With CO2 Adapter, you can switch to Tower from Tropical Forest and vice versa.


It is standard type regulator for refillable CO2 tank. The simple design regulator is suitable for ADA Tower refillable CO2 tank, and it is equipped with fixed pressure inhibition function (0.30MPa) and second pressure safety hole for safety and functionality.


This is the highgrade model for refillable CO2 tank. Adjustable pressure inhibition function (0-0.35MPa) allows the outflow pressure to be manually controlled, and it is compatible with CO2 distribution parts. Excellent for distributing CO2 supply to multiple aquarium tanks.


Tower is a refillable CO2 tank equipped with elegant stainless steel case for safety reasons. It is economical because the tank can store the same amount of CO2 as 18 small cartridges, and suitable for large size aquarium tank. The stainless steel cover keeps CO2 tank securely in upright position.