Big Aquariums and Customize aquariums Available at Beebies Aquatic


The pursuit of beautiful, interesting aquascapes and maintaining exotic aquatic ecosystem can be an incredibly rewarding hobby but also comes with a lot of questions. What type of tank should I get to fit my needs? Where can I source the right tank and accessories? How can I customize the tank the way I want?  

At Beebies Aquatic, we specialize in providing customers with all of their tank and aquascaping needs. Our range of large aquarium tanks come in all shapes and sizes, from freestanding tanks to ones built into walls. Our signature product is our customization series, which can be made to order to perfectly fit your space and design aesthetic.

Our customization process is simple and cost-effective. We have our own in-house installation team and will send one of our specialists to come assess your space. They will then make the necessary recommendations to ensure a safe and successful installation of the tank.

The customization can consist of different types of external materials such as glass, timber and metal, as well as LED lighting and pump system set up in background. Our team will help you design the layout and decor of your tank, from the tank itself to the cabinet, from the filtration systems to the rocks and plants. Everything will be tailored to your personal specifications for a unique and singular effect.

At Beebies Aquatic, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are committed to helping you create the perfect aquascape to suit your needs and budget. All of our products and services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and we strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry.

So if you’re looking for a large aquarium tank with custom features and a perfect fit, look no further than Beebies Aquatic. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and proudly display your new tank and aquascaping creation in your home.