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  •  Ultra Quiet
  •  Powerful
  •  Reliable
  • Provides complete and efficient 3-stage filtration, including BioMax biological filtering, to create superior aquarium water quality
  • For fresh, marine and reptile environments
  • Adjustable 3-way flow control feature lets you position the water flow output to meet your specific needs
  • Top Output setting provides maximum circulation and oxygenation
  • Integrated Spray Bar setting provides a gentle, even flow for planted aquariums
  • Bottom Output setting is for deepwater agitation 
  • Convenient flip-top lid allows quick and easy access to the filter cartridge for maintenance or replacement
  • Can also be placed horizontally in shallow water tanks or to create decorative features such as waterfalls
  • Can be installed vertically against the aquarium wall to create currents or customized flow patterns
  • Comes with 2 Foam Pads, 2 Poly/Carbon Cartridges, and BioMax Biological Rings
  • Suitable for aquariums from 45 to 110 L (12 to 30 US gal)
  • Natural substrate
  • Very natural looking tan colour
  • Reduces the hardness and lowers the pH value
  • Ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants
  • Coarse Grain size for quick development of the roots