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* Do NOT use for CO2 System.


AP Glass is a perfect glass feeder for ADA's Fish Food AP line-ups. Its softly curved glass surface fits your hand securely, and it will bring you a joy of feeding. AP Glass makes it possible to feed your fish right amount of food without a direct contact to fish food.

  • Rich in organic acid and nutrients
  • Promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots.
  • Natural earth color

Cation Filter (for softening tap water)

Cation Filter is a cation exchange resin filter for softening tap water by lowering its total hardness (TH). It is not a filter for producing pure water. It can turn 1,000L of tap water with TH100-200mg/L into soft water with below TH50mg/L. Salt water regeneration is also possible.


This clear acrylic stand is created exclusively for AP Glass. Since the stand is attached on the side panel of aquarium, you can feed fish quickly when needed. Its simple design matches well with Cube Gadrden.


Clear Stand is a CO2 cartridge stand specially designed for ADA CO2 System 74-Tropical Forest series. It is placed on the side of a tank in an elegant form. Its clear acrylic material goes well with frame-less aquariums like Cube Garden.


This is an adapter to connect CO2 System 74-YA Ver.2 and SA regulator to the refillable CO2 tank.With CO2 Adapter, you can switch to Tower from Tropical Forest and vice versa.